Cupsuptic Lake

Cupsuptic is the name of a lake, and of the river that feeds it, near Rangeley, Maine. We (some people named Grant) own a camp on the shore of the lake, so we registered the name as our family web site, since,,, and so on were taken.

According to MaineUSA's Oxford County Bicentennial web page (no longer online), "Cupsuptic is said to be an Abenaki term meaning 'a closed up stream.'" The name makes sense to me. Having canoed up the river between Little Falls and Big Falls, I can assure you that much of the river is indeed closed up; that is, it is narrow and snugly enclosed by a blanket of trees.

This web site is still not completely functional, as much of it is under development. I'll get to it some day. I swear.

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